About Global Flight School

In 2019, Nélio Fidalgo – a pilot and an aviation enthusiast himself – put together a team of like-minded people including some of the best flight instructors in Portugal to form Global Flight School.

Today, our flight school operates a fleet of 12 aircraft and offers ATPL and PPL courses educating aspiring pilots not only from Portugal but from all around Europe and even further. Additionally, we offer a variety of services for existing pilots. The theoretical portion of our courses is done remotely and at our ground school in Lisbon while flight training takes place at Ponte de Sor aerodrome.

Why Train at Global Flight School


Focused on training pilots, not creating pilot license-holders:

Rather than thinking of itself as a place where people come to get a pilot license, Global Flight School strives to be a place where people come to become pilots–people that not only have the necessary technical qualification but also the soft skills needed to safely and responsibly enjoy flying for leisure as a private pilot and to be an excellent professional pilot handling the lives of hundreds of people each day.

Founded and operated by people with passion for aviation:

Our founder and every one of our board members is, first and foremost, a pilot that has gone through the type of training that you will be going through. Having a deep experience in the industry, they understand what the biggest challenges on someone’s way to becoming a pilot are and can shape the flight school in a way that best addresses those challenges.

Based in beautiful Portugal:

While you will, of course, be busy studying and flying when taking one of our courses, you will also have a chance to explore Portugal. With our ground school being located in Lisbon and our flight training being done in Ponte de Sor within a 2.5-hour drive of most Portuguese mainland, you will have a chance to explore the country and enjoy its cuisine, culture, and beaches.

Our Fleet

Global Flight School operates a fleet of 12 aircraft including Cessna 152s and Beechcraft 76s. We also have access to an Airbus A320 full motion simulator.

Our Team

Global Flight School’s leadership and instructor team consists of people passionate about aviation who have decades of diverse experience in the industry.

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