Dreaming of becoming an airline pilot?

At Global Flight School, we offer courses that take you from having no flight experience to having an ATPL which you can use to knock on airlines’ doors.

Up to 100% financing

meaning little to no
out-of-pocket payment

Taught by veteran pilots

who worked with
over 5000 students

4 different programs

to choose from
to best suit your situation

The aviation industry is expected to grow at 4% per year once the COVID-19 pandemic is resolved. By 2030, the global airliner fleet is expected to reach 39,000 aircraft and 225,000 new pilots are expected to join airlines around the world. With that, and average airline pilot salaries reaching more than 100,000 Euros per year in many countries, air transport is not only something to be excited and passionate about but also a viable and potentially lucrative career opportunity.

While there are dozens of flight schools around Europe and the world that offer pilot training, we believe Global Flight School is the perfect place for you to take your first step toward your new jet-setting life because we offer:


Integrated course taught by industry veterans:

Over the course of 20 months, you will become friends with our instructors who will take you from having no flight experience through getting your PPL all the way to a “frozen” ATPL. Our instructors have taught over 5000 student pilots to date and have experience working at TAP Portugal and other aviation companies among other places.

Personalized approach:

Our ground school classes never exceed 20 students to ensure every student gets heard and has a chance to interact. We also regularly work with all our students on an individual level to monitor their progress and adjust their plan if necessary.

Up to 100% financing:

With ATPL courses costing upwards of 50,000 Euros, they are traditionally financed by bank loans. Even those, however, rarely cover the entire amount. To prevent that from being the only obstacle between you and an airline pilot career, in some circumstances, we are able to provide financing for the remaining portion of the course fee.

State-of-the-art equipment:

All of our Cessna C152 and Beechcraft 76 aircraft that you will fly during your course are equipped with glass cockpit. You will also have a chance to spend some time in an Airbus A320 FFS and FNPT II simulators that will help you get used to the equipment and procedures used by airlines.

Exciting place to be in:

Our ground school is located in Lisbon and our flight training is done in Ponte de Sor, home to many aerospace companies and within a 2.5-hour drive of most Portuguese mainland. As such, when not busy flying and preparing for exams, you will have a chance to explore Portugal and enjoy its cuisine, culture, and beaches.
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I chose GFS since the school has very professional staff with the know-how necessary to effectively teach future pilots.

Pedro do MarGFS Student

I chose GFS because it offers more flight hours compared to other flight schools. The availability of an Airbus MCC simulator and a session in a hypobaric chamber ended up influencing my choice as well.

Margarida DurãoGFS Student

Starting the practical portion of the training increased my motivation a lot. After all, it was a sign of being in the process of realizing my biggest dream - becoming an airline pilot!

Pedro TitoGFS Student

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Course Overview

When you join one of our ATPL courses, you will go through up to 241 hours of practical training including up to 210 hours of actual flight time. Prior to doing so, you will also go through ground school where you will learn important theory covering subjects ranging from communications and flight planning through aviation law and operational procedures all the way to meteorology and navigation.

For detailed course plans, see this brochure.

Upon finishing the course successfully, you will have obtained the following certifications and qualifications:

  • Private pilot license with a single-engine piston (land) rating
  • Night rating
  • Single-engine instrument rating
  • Multi-engine (land) rating
  • Multi-engine instrument rating
  • Team cooperation certificate
  • Aeronautical degree credits
  • UPRT (Upset Prevention and Recovery Training)
  • “Frozen” ATPL

For more details about each of the above, see this page.


To be eligible for our ATPL courses, you will need to:

  • Be able to legally reside in the EU during the training period (if necessary, we can help with arranging your visa);
  • Be 18 years or older at the time of license issuance;
  • Have completed secondary (or equivalent) education;
  • Have a clean criminal record;
  • Obtain a Class 1 medical certificate.

Additionally, prior to being admitted, you will need to go through a selection process involving:

  • English, mathematics, and physics tests;
  • Psychometric test;
  • Individual interview.

Course Price

Our four types of ATPL courses differ in the amount of practical training included and range in price from 54,000 to 85,000 EUR. Up to 100% of the cost can be covered by loans which we can, in some cases, help arrange.

The price includes everything you will need to complete the course including the theoretical and practical training, a tablet, a flight bag and a uniform, a headset, a flight log, textbooks, and more. It does not include rent and other living costs.

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